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Beacon Woods Civic Association Inc
History Highlights


1971 ‑ A 1,000‑acre dairy farm was purchased by Clyde Hoeldtke from Collie Clayton. This was to become "Beacon Woods".
1972‑73 ‑ In an effort to enhance Beacon Woods as a place to live, the developer built a small shopping area named "Village Square". Also at this time, a horse stable and corral was established in the area of Majestic and Cobblestone.
1973‑74 ‑ A downturn in the housing market led to diminished plans in Beacon Woods. Promised nature walks, recreation areas and an Olympic pool were not built.
1976 ‑ Streets in the first two "villages" were dedicated to Pasco County who were then required to maintain them but the association had to drop plans for entry gates.
Mid‑1970's ‑ The association was registered with the state of Florida, mandatory dues were begun along with deed restrictions. The developer, friends & family were officers.
1973 ‑ The first action by homeowners occurred when a Social Committee was begun.
1974 ‑ Members of the Social Committee created an "ad hoc" committee to negotiate with Hoeldtke for election of homeowners to the board of the Civic Association. He was slow to act but on April 2, 1974, homeowners adopted by‑laws, elected their first board and the developer and associates relinquished their positions.
1974 ‑ On May 7th, the Beacon Woods Golf Club, owned by Hoeldtke, was opened..
1974 ‑ The WOODSMAN was first issued on April 23,1974.
1976 ‑ There were only four owners running for five seats on the board. A carryover person from the previous board accepted appointment. The board later expanded to nine members as it is constituted today.
1976‑77 ‑ These were difficult years with frustrating dealings between the developer and the board and also between the social clubs and the board. Roof leaks in the clubhouse were ignored by the developer and promises of a pool and tennis courts went unfulfilled. Sales were so slow that Hoeldtke offered a new car to each new buyer.
1977 ‑ Contention raged between the developer and the homeowners, mainly over operation of the clubhouse. An agreement was signed in late '77 which became the forerunner of independence from the developer.
1978 ‑ It was learned that federal taxes had not been paid nor tax returns filed. All back taxes for five years were paid to the IRS.
1979 ‑ The members bought the golf club in 1979 for $1,175,000.
1979 ‑ The basic framework of operations ‑ Bylaws, Election Committee, Annual Meeting, quorum rules, candidate rules ‑ were established. Up until this time, board meetings were closed sessions.
1981 ‑ Residents of Hudson attempted to incorporate Beacon Woods into a city of Hudson but were vigorously opposed. Postal authorities agreed to use of "Bayonet Point" rather than "Hudson" but both are still in use.
1982 ‑ On December 15, 1982 the deed for the clubhouse and amenities was transferred to the civic association.
1983 ‑ The clubhouse, until then known as "The Racquet Club" was officially changed to Beacon Woods Civic Center.
1986 ‑ Entrance monuments at SR‑52 and Fivay / Woodbine were floodlighted and beautified.
1985 ‑ Plans for an outlet mall on US 19 just north of Beacon Woods Drive included a bridge over Bear Creek (sound familiar?) but public outcry killed it at the county level.
1986 ‑ The BWCA was advised that "Bayonet Point" was in the 1986 Zip Code Directory.
1987 ‑ Negotiations with the county finally resulted in designations of the main streets as "collector roads" in order for the county to share in cost of resurfacing.
1988 ‑ The main arteries ‑ Clocktower, Split Rail, Wagon Wheel, Woodbine, Beacon Woods Drive and Majestic Blvd. were finally paved.
1989 ‑ This was a year of substantial "facelifts". ‑ painting the clubhouse, pool beautification and new outdoor furniture, enlarge restrooms, disabled access, etc.
1991 ‑ Members approved maintenance of common areas with purchase of equipment and hiring of personnel.
1993 ‑ The builder held Deed Restriction rights but assigned it to BWCA on 4/1/1993.
1995 ‑ Beautification and upgrades continued with pool heating installed, new computer system was added along with a large TV and VCR.
1996 ‑ Maggi Kosuda was appointed Association Manager, a job which she still holds.
1996 ‑ On July 26th, the 25th Anniversary dinner was held.