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Beacon Woods Civic Association Inc

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

News You Can Use
  By Julie Gabell
Dorothy Carter
Patio Homes
    Without a doubt, Dorothy Carter is queen of the non-traditional.
    Born in Bass Harbor, Maine to a family of Lobstermen, Dorothy’s childhood was bounded by the sea. By the age of six she had learned to build and bait lobster traps, though she readily admits she hated to eat lobster as a child. She did, however, grow to love her quaint little village on the ”quiet” side of Mount Desert Island, and she looked to the surrounding pink rock cliffs For inspiration and security.
    Well-traveled and outgoing, Dorothy has been “on the move” since the age of thirteen when her family moved from Maine to Safety Harbor, Florida. A year after they relocated, she quit school and took a job to help her parents support a young grandchild who became a severe diabetic. She found work with the owner of Killen Cabinets and remained with him until he passed away six years later.
    At seventeen Dorothy moved to Columbia, S. Carolina intent on training for a lucrative career as a professional wrestler. Here she stayed until a heart condition forced her to return to Safety Harbor. She eventually found a position as supervisor of cabinetry at Morgan Yacht. Her enthusiasm and obvious talent for woodworking suddenly found her in charge of thirty-five men.
    When her parents died, Dorothy assumed responsibility for their granddaughter until she, too, passed away
Her next venture into the non-traditional was a perfect fit. She went with Frontline Emergency Vehicles where she supervised the building and installation of advanced life supports. From the chassis up she fashioned and tested the equipment bolt by bolt until, once “passed,” she painted them the color of their respective counties as a final seal of approval. Her greatest sense of satisfaction came, however, when one premier medical vehicle sold to Duke University for $260,000.
    Though Dorothy had had a proven record of excellence throughout the years, she felt it was time to move on. At age 44 he decided she wanted to drive a city bus! Armed with a resume chuck full of driving experience, she applied for a position at Pinellas County Transit and passed the test with flying colors. To her dismay, though she had driven a truck or trailer all her life, she did not get the job. She needed a high school diploma!
Determined, she went back to school for her GED. After an intensive round of accelerated courses, she received her diploma in a record span of 30 days. Thus, one opportunity lost (bus driver), found a valuable milestone gained (education).
    She picked up stakes and moved to Franklin, N.Carolina. There she found a position making electrical cords for Belden Wire and Cable This worked well until the company moved to Mexico and she again found herself jobless.
    Though Dorothy had flown on helicopters, and “zipped” on zip lines; had traveled extensively to star-studded destinations and still hopes to ride in a hot air balloon before she dies, it was time to opt for a more settled lifestyle. She discovered Beacon Woods and found the perfect spot for unleashing her boundless energies. Immediately she signed on for several committees including those of Architecture and Communications. ”I want to learn everything I can about the Community,” she says. “You have to know all that’s going on before you can help.”
    It is this enthusiastic outlook, coupled with a wealth of varied experiences, that makes Dorothy Carter a welcome and valued resident of our community.


Beacon Woods Civic Association, Inc. 
12440 Clocktower Parkway
Bayonet Point, FL 34667


(727) 863-1267
Fax (727) 863-4857

2017 Board of Directors
President - Jim Massey
Vice President - Peggy Weiss
Secretary - Iggy Rodriguez
Treasurer- Ken Smith
Director - John Gearity
Director - Bill Bunting
Director - Bill Wiser
Director - MaryLynn Cultreri
Director - Anthony Perrotta



~ Upcoming Events ~
Architectural Review Committee
Wednesday, August 23rd, 10am at Civic Center
To be held in the patio room.
Village Woods Workshop
Friday, August 25th, 9 am at Civic Center
To be held in the conference room.

PAY DUES ONLINE  (via e-Check or Credit Card - Fees will apply)
Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit  Also see important Hurricane information on the Members Activities Page/CERT
Clip “Box Tops for Education” labels & earn cash for the area schools. 
This program provides equipment for classrooms and playgrounds.  They are found on the following products:  Campbells, General Mills, Pillsbury, Nestle, Yoplait, Ziploc, Hefty, Scott, Cottonelle, Kleenex, Hanes, Betty Crocker, Land O’Lakes, Green Giant and more.  Over 200 brands participate.  You can shop through at Barnes & Noble, jcpenney and Target to earn eBox Tops. Enter bonus box tops sweepstakes online for offers in our area, too.  Please drop off your Box Tops at the Civic Center.
Can Tab Program
Please bring your can tabs to the Civic Center.  We are collecting the tabs to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children.  Although they may be small, the can tabs quickly add up and eventually bring a substantial amount of money each year to support the Shriner's mission to provide expert medical care to children at no cost.  Monies are also used to purchase items for the patients such as arts and crafts.
Clubhouse Hours
In addition to the normal business hours Mon.-Fri. 9AM-5PM, the Clubhouse is also open on Saturdays from 1-4PM.  It is available for dropping off payments, obtaining new homeowner packets, card playing or enjoy a leisure day reading in the free Beacon Woods Lending Library.

Assessments Now Due

The Beacon Woods Maintenance fees are $288.00 per year, $144.00 per 6 months or $72.00 per quarter for each home.

The 3rd Quarter assessments for 2017 are due for July, August and September.  Please check with the Civic Center for your correct balance.

The Administrative Late Fee of $25.00 will automatically be applied to delinquent accounts on the tenth day of the second month of the quarter (for this quarter that date is August 10th).   To avoid this Administrative late fee your payment must be received no later then August 9th.  Please bring or send your ID cards with your payments so they can be updated, as they are necessary for access to the facilities and the Board meetings.

Ambulance Fund Applications                       
Renewals and New memberships for August 1, 2017 thru July 31, 2018.  $10/person pays $100/emergency ambulance usage.  Click here for Ambulance Fund Application

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