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Beacon Woods Civic Association Inc

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

News You Can Use
by Julie Gabell

    Most of us like to think we are indispensable until life socks it to us with the truth. Recently I had an opportunity to reflect on this up close and personal when I landed in Bayonet Point Health and Rehabilitation Center with a walking problem.
    Each month I’ve written the Notable Neighbor column about persons who have made a difference—have been “indispensable” in one way or another. Suddenly, I found myself thrown into a mix of those whom a large part of the world might readily have labelled “dispensable.” My life switched on to new meanings. 
    In one way or another, we all wander through the muddled world of these distinctions. As writer of this column, I had to wonder, Is the person who is considered dispensable less “notable” than anyone else? My stay in rehab assured me they are not! Whoever we are; wherever we are, we carry with us our packaged self—past, present, and future. Nothing in that mix can be overlooked or ignored; it is part and parcel of what makes us, US.
    That is why I found the disabled man with the “psychedelic” tennis shoes and tee shirt that blazoned GOOD MORNING VIET NAM so exciting. He had fought his wars, yet had gone on to laugh at life! And that is why I found the woman who struggled to end a sentence, yet reached over to touch my iPad, so inspiring. Despite the early onset of dementia, she held tight to a need to explore! These were only two of the many people who touched my life while I was in rehab. The CNA who brought the bedpan multiple times during the night; the therapist who gave me extra time to walk the parallel bars after dinner; the aide who patiently waited until I caught my balance sufficiently to stand. In so very many tangible ways, these “Indispensables” helped me, as they did others, to deal with some very real life issues. They surely earned my respect.
     My stay in rehab was an eye-opener, the humbling realization that we share (or potentially will share) the one common denominator that levels us all: dependency. And regardless of our specific strengths or weaknesses along the way, we bring something notable to the table. That is why this month’s column honors those persons at Bayonet Point Health and Rehabilitation Center who devote themselves to helping others; and that is why it is dedicated to YOU, the reader, who may one day revisit these thoughts, feel that you are no longer numbered among the “indispensables,” yet, nevertheless, recognize that there is something special and notable tucked in the hidden corners of every heart.


Beacon Woods Civic Association
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2015-2016 Officers
Peggy Weiss,  President
Jim Massey, Vice President
Ken Smith, Treasurer
Mary Moore, Secretary

Ron Hubbs
John Gearity
Joe Kelly
Bill Bunting
Ignacio Rodriguez






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Architectural Review Committee
Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 Civic Center 10am

Condo Adhoc Meeting
Monday, May 4th, 2015 Civic Center 2pm

Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit  Also see important Hurricane information on the Members Activities Page/CERT
Clip “Box Tops for Education” labels & earn cash for the area schools. 
This program provides equipment for classrooms and playgrounds.  They are found on the following products:  Campbells, General Mills, Pillsbury, Nestle, Yoplait, Ziploc, Hefty, Scott, Cottonelle, Kleenex, Hanes, Betty Crocker, Land O’Lakes, Green Giant and more.  Over 200 brands participate.  You can shop through at Barnes & Noble, jcpenney and Target to earn eBox Tops. Enter bonus box tops sweepstakes online for offers in our area, too.  Please drop off your Box Tops at the Civic Center.
Can Tab Program
Please bring your can tabs to the Civic Center.  We are collecting the tabs to benefit Shriners Hospital for Children.  Although they may be small, the can tabs quickly add up and eventually bring a substantial amount of money each year to support the Shriner's mission to provide expert medical care to children at no cost.  Monies are also used to purchase items for the patients such as arts and crafts.
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In addition to the normal business hours Mon.-Fri. 9AM-5PM, the Clubhouse is also open on Saturdays from 1-4PM.  It is available for dropping off payments, obtaining new homeowner packets, card playing or enjoy a leisure day reading in the free Beacon Woods Lending Library.

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The Beacon Woods Maintenance fees are $280.00 per year, $140.00 per 6 months or $70.00 per quarter for each home.

The 2nd Quarter assessments for 2015 are due for April, May & June.  Please check with the Civic Center for your correct balance.

The Administrative Late Fee of $25.00 will automatically be applied to delinquent accounts on the tenth day of the second month of the quarter (for this quarter that date is May 10th). Please bring or send your ID cards with your payments so they can be updated, as they are necessary for access to the facilities and the Board meetings.

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